About the Law Firm

The Law Firm has been present in the legal services market for nearly 20 years. In the years 1998-2012 it operated as a sole proprietorship, while in May 2012 it was turned into a company under the name of “Codex” Radcowie Prawni Kupilas, Krupa spółka komandytowa (“Codex” Legal Advisors Bożek, Kupilas, Krupa, limited partnership).

The Law Firm operates all over Poland, with a special focus on the Śląskie Voivodeship, the city of Bielsko-Biała, where its head office is located, and the town of Szczyrk where a branch office has been located  since 2011.


We offer our services to natural persons, entrepreneurs running business activities, commercial partnerships and companies limited by shares incorporated under Polish and international law.

We offer assistance in settlement, court, administrative and tax proceedings, as well as in negotiations and mediations.

We organise training courses in selected areas of law for the employees of our clients and third parties.

We cooperate with such entities as notary offices, tax firms, audit offices and offices of sworn translators, and thus provide our clients with the broadest possible support.

We offer you cooperation based on trust and clear principles.


The clients of the Law Firm may count on the assistance of a professional lawyer in settlement, court, administrative and tax proceedings, as well as in negotiations and mediations, within the scope of Polish and European law.

Our clients come from Poland and other countries of the European Union.

How may we help you?

Civil cases

  • suit for payment,
  • compensation cases (including those related to insurance, communication, medical errors),
  • cases under the property law (easement, cancellation of joint ownership, division of property, acquisitive prescription, ownership disputes, eviction cases),
  • cases under the law of succession (last wills, acquisition and rejection of estate, distribution of estate, unworthiness to inherit),
  • claiming unduly collected liquidation charges, buyout performance (the so-called policy investments),
  • drawing up of all kinds of agreements, contracts and understandings,
  • legal analysis and audit of agreements.

Criminal cases

  • legal representation in pre-trial, trial and enforcement proceedings,
  • assistance in drawing up notifications on the suspicion of committing a crime.


  • audits of websites and online stores,
  • drawing up terms and conditions of online stores,
  • drawing up terms and conditions of web stores,
  • drawing up privacy policies, cookies policies,
  • drawing up IT system management policy,
  • drawing up rules for competitions, lotteries, etc.,
  • assistance in handling complaints,
  • assistance in proceedings before UOKiK (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection), and within the scope of competition and consumer protection,
  • cases regarding the infringement of personal interests on the Internet (so-called offensive posts).

Labour law

  • drawing up contracts of employment, work regulations, salary regulations,
  • court representation in labour conflicts,
  • representation within the scope of employment supervision.

Bankruptcy and reorganisation law

  • counselling on the bankruptcy of entrepreneurs,
  • counselling on the bankruptcy of consumers,
  • drawing up bankruptcy petitions,
  • representation in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • submitting claims,
  • handling court trials conducted by receivers.

Amicable dispute resolution

  • negotiations,
  • mediations,
  • arbitration proceedings (legal representation),
  • pre-trial correspondence,
  • drawing up settlements and understandings.

Family cases

  • divorce/ separation/ marriage annulment proceedings,
  • child support cases,
  • cases regarding contact with children, and parental custody and care,
  • incapacitation cases,
  • cases regarding parentage (fatherhood, motherhood),
  • cases regarding the distribution of joint marital property, and incidental settlements on these grounds,
  • cases regarding settlements between cohabitating partners.

Entrepreneurs and commercial companies

  • counselling on the selection of the right legal form of business activities,
  • incorporating companies,
  • submitting companies to KRS (National Court Register) for registration, submitting changes to KRS,
  • servicing companies within the full scope of their activities,
  • servicing the statutory bodies of companies,
  • handling the meetings of the bodies of companies,
  • legal audits,
  • resolution of disputes between partners.


  • assistance in selecting tax strategies (in cooperation with tax advisor),
  • tax counselling with regard to commercial transactions and the selection of the form of capital injection and the financing of company operations (in cooperation with tax advisor),
  • representation during tax inspections and proceedings,
  • transfer prices (in cooperation with tax advisor),
  • representation in court proceedings related to tax proceedings.

Intellectual property rights

  • trade mark protection,
  • applications for registers,
  • representation in proceedings against persons infringing copyrights and industrial property rights,
  • preparation and assessment of contracts concerning the transfer of copyrights and industrial property rights.

Court cases

  • representation at the pre-trial stage,
  • counselling with regard to the adopted tactics and strategy in court,
  • counselling with regard to the gathering of documentation and evidence,
  • pre-court debt collection,
  • comprehensive legal representation before common courts, administrative courts, the Supreme Court, arbitration and conciliation courts,
  • representation in cases before public administration bodies,
  • legal representation in enforcement proceedings.


  • analysis of documentation gathered in personal files,
  • representation during proceedings conducted by IPN (Institute of National Remembrance),
  • legal representation in cases examining the truthfulness of vetting declarations.

The Team

The team working in our Law Firm is above all, highly experienced, knowledgeable and committed to its work.. Our long presence on the market has taught us to treat every case entrusted to us in a reliable and responsible manner in order to satisfy the client.

Our lawyers are ready to face all kinds of problems, to provide the services effectively and professionally, with special consideration given to the client's interests and in accordance with the professional rules of ethics for a legal advisor.

Being aware of the need to guarantee comprehensive services for the client, our lawyers are constantly developing their skills and improving their competence.

Head office

Since October 2011 the head office of the Firm has been located in Bielsko-Biała at ul. Karpacka 24 (room B16).

We can also rent conference rooms to our clients on preferential terms.


We look forward to our future cooperation.

"Codex" Radcowie Prawni Kupilas, Krupa spółka komandytowa
st. Karpacka 24/B16
43-300 Bielsko-Biała

tel.: +48 33 822 16 87,+48 33 496 33 00, fax: +48 33 496 33 01
NIP: 5472142810, KRS: 0000419892
e-mail: p.bozek@prawo.bielsko.pl

opening hours: monday - friday from: 8:00 - 16:00

Branch Szczyrku
st. Salmopolska 5
43-370 Szczyrk
tel. +48 721 151 830, +48 609 501 604
e-mail: leszek.krupa@kancelaria-codex.pl

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